3 Reasons to Change Your Oil

Oil is arguably the most important fluid in your vehicle. Failing to change the oil often enough can result in significant engine issues and high repair costs, as well as decreased performance and efficiency. We here at Heritage Cadillac have three important mechanical reasons to change your oil.


A properly lubricated engine is a happy engine. When properly lubricated, all the moving parts are operating at high speeds. Proper lubrication is a necessity to prevent the parts from damaging one another. For the low price of an oil change, you could prevent potential engine damage, a costly repair that no driver wants to pay out of pocket.


An engine can get to high temperatures fairly quickly. Gas and air are constantly being compressed in the cylinders to create small explosions. Those explosions generate the power that causes the car to move. Oil plays a vital role in reducing friction, which, in turn, reduces the amount of heat generated. Old oil can’t cool the engine as well as fresh oil, and that’s why changes at suggested intervals are imperative.

Fuel Economy

Did you know that oil plays a major role in how efficient your engine is? A poorly lubricated engine doesn’t operate at peak efficiency. That means it burns more fuel, effectively resulting in lower fuel economy. Consistently changing your oil at the recommended intervals helps boost fuel economy and keep your engine running efficiently. While it just be a small increase, it can add up to a significant amount over the life of your vehicle.

There are fewer reasons not to change your oil than there are to get the job done. If time is a factor, fear not; our service team at Heritage Cadillac can get you in and out quickly.